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RF World and Security

Since I was a child, remote-controlled garage doors have always caught my attention. As I grew older and progressed in my profession, I decided to turn my curiosity into practice and examine these systems that communicate with...

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Every year, in August, at the end of the traditional Black Hat Cybersecurity Conference held in Las Vegas, USA, two researchers, Karsten NOHL and Jakob LELL, signed a striking presentation called BadUSB. In this presentation, in...

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Manipulated Photo Analysis

As a citizen who followed the Gezi Parki protests that marked the past month through written, visual, and internet media, my interest was drawn to various photos that caused frequent debates among the public and parties...

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I Love Python :)

I, like many ethical hackers, have been busy with the C programming language for years, have examined a lot of source code, have written many programs, and have often thought, “I’m glad I learned C programming...

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