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Fight Against Magecart

Recently, cyber attacks carried out by the Magecart group, which has become the nightmare of companies ranging from e-commerce companies (such as Newegg) to airlines (such as British Airways), to ticketing companies (such as...

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Sandbox Detection

In my blog posts that I wrote 8-9 years ago (Anti Analiz, Anti Anti-VMWare), I mentioned that malicious individuals who develop malware use various methods to make it difficult for security researchers or systems to analyze...

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10th Anniversary Gift Raffle

In honor of my blog’s 10th anniversary, I will be giving away Raspberry Pi 3 A+ models to 10 people who share my favorite blog post on Twitter with the @MertSARICA tag (Note: those with private profiles on Twitter, I will...

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Summary of the Decade

Dear Diary, In 1996, when I was around 13-14 years old, I heard a news about cyber attacks that were being carried out by computer hackers in the news. I was very interested in who they were? How were they able to penetrate...

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