Approximately 3 months ago, I shared on my social media accounts and blog that I had decided to continue my career abroad. In line with this decision, I held various interviews to provide hourly virtual CISO (vCISO) consulting to small businesses in the US. One of these interviews was with Huzeyfe ONAL, who has made invaluable contributions, provided guidance, and set an example for the entire industry in the field of cybersecurity. Also, in 2009, he put great effort, support, and direction into launching my blog, which made me who I am today.

During this interview, Huzeyfe ONAL informed me that the SOCRadar company, where he is the CEO and co-founder, had expressed interest in all of my consulting hours. I’m glad to share that I have accepted an offer to work as a Head of Strategy at SOCRadar, a growing cybersecurity company that is a leading EASM vendor recommended by Gartner. In recent times, SOCRadar has gained notoriety in the media for discovering critical vulnerabilities such as BlueBleed.

Hope to see you in the following writings.

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