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Malicious Image

When we look at the campaigns carried out by APT groups such as Muddy Water, which also targets institutions in Turkey, we see that they sometimes use the Steganography technique. With this technique, cyber attackers try to...

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Zararlı Görüntü

If you are looking for an English version of this article, please visit here. Türkiye’deki kurumları da hedef alan Muddy Water gibi organize siber saldırı gerçekleştiren APT gruplarının son yıllarda gerçekleştirdikleri...

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[Sunum] Pratik Veri Sızıntısı Analizi

If you are looking for an English version of this writing, please visit here. Netsec Ağ ve Bilgi Güvenliği Topluluğu Etkinliği’nde gerçekleştirmiş olduğum Pratik Veri Sızıntısı Analizi başlıklı sunum dosyama buradan (PDF)...

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Stolen Credit Card Hunt

As a cybersecurity researcher who uses social media very effectively, you know that I have turned messages I have received through social networks and emails into security research, and then into articles and presentations. In...

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