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Stolen Credit Card Hunt

As a cybersecurity researcher who uses social media very effectively, you know that I have turned messages I have received through social networks and emails into security research, and then into articles and presentations. In...

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New Year Raffle :)

I wish the 2022 year that we will enter with new hopes and goals, will bring health first and happiness and success to everyone. Also, as in every year, I want to thank all my readers and followers who didn’t leave me...

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Instagram Scammers

Those of you who have read my previous blog posts titled “Sponsored Scamming” “LinkedIn Scammers” and “Who Viewed My Profile?” have learned that social media platforms are effectively used by...

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My Blog is 12 Years Old :)

As I continue to progress on my career path, the amount of time I am able to dedicate to technical aspects of cybersecurity during my work hours has been decreasing compared to previous years due to my current position. However,...

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