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Since 2009, I have been sharing my research on cybersecurity with the motto “Knowledge is power and grows as it is shared!” I emphasize the importance of blogging, especially for young individuals, during the presentations I give at universities where I am invited. In casual conversations, I often hear the following statements: “It takes time to write a blog,” “What’s the point of writing about something everyone already knows?” “It would be better to wait until I’m ready…”

If I were to compare the articles I wrote years ago with the ones I write today, there would undoubtedly be a vast difference in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertise. However, let’s not forget that this is inherent to our profession. In this field, where progress is made through the cycle of “Read, Learn, Practice,” don’t wait to be ready to write. You will never be ready because you will continue to learn, so write! Yes, it takes time, but if you are a student or not working, you should have plenty of time.

You may think that the topic of the article you want to write is already known by someone, but remember that there are dozens, hundreds of people who may not know it, especially those curious about this field. Therefore, don’t wait to become an “Alan Turing” to write. Don’t be afraid of criticism, don’t harshly criticize and underestimate yourself; just write! Remember, everyone has something to learn from everyone else.

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Regarding the part where I express my gratitude, the title of the article, the Hacktrick cybersecurity conference, which will take place on May 4-5-6, with its jury consisting of prominent figures from various fields such as academics, industry experts, managers, and government officials, has chosen me as the most successful blog writer of 2017. I thank all my readers who made it possible for me to receive this award, which is significant to me. I hope to see everyone at Hacktrick on May 4, wishing everyone secure days ahead.

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